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Bridal Shower Photos

Now for something different… I’ve been busy lately, but not with my usual bird pictures.  Got an opportunity to shoot at a Bridal Shower, which was a first for me.  My daughter’s college roommate, Lisa, is getting married, my daughter is a bridesmaid and my wife made the centerpieces for the shower.  They had the shower at the South Shore Harbor Country Club in League City, TX.  It was a great location but a challenge from a photography perspective with all of the windows.  I’m still a rookie at taking indoor photos with flash so this was good practice.  Kept the flash on-camera and bounced it off of the ceiling.   Tried some shooting in aperture priority with positive exposure compensation, manual mode and automatic mode.  I really need to get a F2.8 wide angle some day.

My biggest regret for the day was not eating more.  The food was excellent but I was a little busy with taking over 700 photos.

More photos of the shower photos on my web site:  http://www.timtimmis.com/Weddings/Lisas-Bridal-Shower/18147490_r8Xx4T#1393351372_zM2bKfj

Taken with Canon 7D and 17-40mm and 50mm 1.8 lenses and 580 EXII flash, handheld.