…morning light is magic…

Shifting Positions

Getting close to a flock of feeding Avocets is always exciting but the photo op’s can be limited if there isn’t any action besides the feeding.  You can only take so many photos of birds with their heads in the water.  They feed by moving their long curved beaks back and forth to stir up the bugs and crustaceans.  The good thing about a flock of feeding Avocets is that there is a constant shifting of positions as the birds move for better access to the food.  Focused on these birds as they were landing, just after sunrise.

Taken with Canon 1DX and Canon 500mm F4 IS II with 1.4X III mounted on Skimmer ground pod with Wimberley II gimbal head

1/640 sec @ F8, ISO 4000, evaluative metering, +1 1/3 exposure compensation

098_Bolivar Flats_12222014-2

4 responses

  1. Nice light. Love those Avocets. Sooner or later I will find my way back.

    December 28, 2014 at 3:41 pm

  2. Love this capture. Nice light and like the wide view. Had to be cold.

    December 28, 2014 at 8:28 pm

  3. Thanks David. You do need to make a trip back out there. Just wish that the weather would be more cooperative this time of year.

    December 29, 2014 at 10:40 am

  4. Thanks Doug. It was actually in the low 60’s on that morning. I’m looking forward to going back when it’s colder.

    December 29, 2014 at 10:41 am

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