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Avocets Filling the Frame

Being close enough to Avocets where they fill the frame doesn’t happen to me often enough but it’s very cool when it does.  It helped on this trip to have my 1.4X teleconverter installed along with my flash.  Had to crank up the ISO to 800 since the clouds were out at sunrise.

Taken with Canon 7D and Canon 500mm F4 IS II lens and 1.4X III teleconverter mounted on Skimmer ground pod with Wimberley II head, fill flash using 580 EX II w/better beamer

1/320 sec @ F5.6, ISO 800, evaluative metering, fill flash at – 3 stops, 700mm

Bryan Beach_42207132013-2

1/400 sec @ F5.6, ISO 800, evaluative metering, fill flash at – 3 stops, 700mm

Bryan Beach_42407132013-2

6 responses

  1. As much as we would like to think we can shoot without them, the Better Beamer needs to stay in the mix of gear brought to any shoot. Sometimes you just need to bring your own light when nature doesn’t cooperate. Nice color on both. Like the full frame.

    August 18, 2013 at 8:00 pm

  2. Glad you could have the experience – sure makes for great photos.

    August 18, 2013 at 9:36 pm

  3. Nicely done with the flash. It’s always great to get a full frame shot. I heard they were still out there.

    August 19, 2013 at 6:26 pm

  4. Thanks Doug. I don’t use the beamer as much anymore since I got my 500mm lens. Typically don’t need it at sunrise if the sun is cooperating.

    August 20, 2013 at 7:52 pm

  5. Thanks Lyle. Always appreciate your feedback. Bryan Beach has been very good to me this summer.

    August 20, 2013 at 7:53 pm

  6. Thanks David. That’s good news if they are still around. I’ve almost made that 1.5 hr drive a couple of times but was sure that the pond would have dried up by now. I’ll be headed that way soon, if the rain holds off.

    August 20, 2013 at 7:54 pm

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