…morning light is magic…


Here are some shots from last weekend at Brazos Bend of the resident coots.  Found a decent spot to camp out along 40 acre lake and sat down with my tripod for about 1.5 hrs on Sat and Sun.  Around sunrise, the coots come across the trail and head into the water and then the run out into the main part of the lake through the two openings in the far bank.  I”ve always like to try to catch them while they are running on the water.  Had to switch to the minimum focus distance on the 100-400 on the close up shots as they were very close.  They are kind of cute close up with the ivory colored bill and red forehead and eyes.

One response

  1. I agree with trying to get them running across the water at that break on 40 Acre Lake. I like that first shot with the mirror image. My shot from a trip last year is here http://www.bayareaphotoclub.org/gallery/v/activities/GSCCC_001/HAASS_morningflight.jpg.html.

    February 23, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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