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Photoshop Seminar

Went to a Photoshop seminar, CS5 for Photographers with Matt Kloskowski, in Austin on Friday.  It was a very good seminar and would highly recommend it.  Lots of info packed into a few hours but they provide handouts with the details.  Took a similar seminar a few years ago on CS3.  Just wish that the “blizzard of 2011” could have been avoided.  Was originally going to drive up and back on Friday but ended up going Thursday to make sure that I could get to Austin.  Had a hotel room near the south side of town and ended up changing it to downtown to avoid driving if the roads got too bad.  Glad that I did as they got a whopping +1 inches of snow, which made driving on the hills/overpasses slick.  Walked to the convention center and was able to make the drive back to Houston after the seminar was over.  The room was less than 1/2 full so appears that lots of people didn’t make it due to the weather.  Their workbooks and DVD’s didn’t make it until just before noon as the truck couldn’t deliver it in the morning.  Survived another blizzard…

The Lightroom 3 seminar in Houston on March 9th looks promising, see link below.   I bought Lightroom but haven’t installed it yet.  Good time to start.


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